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tv   [untitled]    May 11, 2015 6:00am-6:31am PDT

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>> >> >> good afternoon and welcome, everyone to the mayor's disability council meeting here in city hall in room 400 from 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.. my name is denise senhaux. i will be
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begin with opening remarks with council member wong. good afternoon, welcome to the mayor's disability council this friday, april 17, 2015, in room 400 of san francisco city hall. city hall is accessible to persons with wheelchairs and other assistive mobility devices. wheel chair access is provided at the grove, van ness and mccallister streets and wheelchair entrance is provided via a wheelchair lift. assistive listening devices are available and our
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meeting is open captioned and sign language interpreted. our agendas are also available in large print and braille. please ask staff for any additional assistance. to prevent electronic interferes with this room's sound system and for everyone's ability to focus on the presentation, please silence all mobile phones and pda's. your cooperation is appreciated. we welcome the public's participation during public comment. you may complete a speaker's card available in the front of the room or call our bridge
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line at 1-415-554-9632. where a staff person will handle requests to speak at the appropriate time. the mayor's disability council meetings are generally held on the third friday of the month. our regular meeting will be on may 15, 2014. from 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m., here at san francisco city hall in room 400. please call the mayor's office on disability for further information or to request accommodations at 1-415-554-6789, voice. or
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1-415-554-6799, tty. a reminder to all of our guest today, please speak slowly into the microphone to assist our captioners and interpreters. we thank you for joining us. thank you, council member wong. we will now proceed with the roll call. through the chair i would like to ask the control room to please remove the video display over the sign language interpreters, please. cochair supanich? >> present cochair senhaux, >> pre. kostanian?
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>> present. harriet wong? >> present. roland wong? >> yes. >> thank you, we'll now proceed with the agenda items. >> agenda item no. 1. roll call. agenda item 2. reading and approval of the agenda. item no. 3. public comment. items not on the agenda for today, but within the jurisdiction of the mdc. each speaker is limited to 3 minutes. agenda item no. 4. information item. report from cochair supanich. agenda item no. 5. overview of the mayor's office on housing opportunity, partnerships and engagement, hope, presentation on the role of
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hope, it's services, programs, projects and including the new navigation center. presentation by bev an duftey. director. public comment is welcome. agenda item no. 6. ceremonial item. kathy zarda, in honor of former mayor's disability council cochair, derek zarda, kathy zarda, derek's mother, will provide the council with information regarding a community memorial to be held in derek's honor on saturday, april 18, 2015, at independent living resource center, san francisco. from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.. council members and members of the public are welcome to share
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thoughts, memories and stories of derek. agenda item no. 7. sf homeless outreach team. working with people with disabilities. an overview of sf homeless outreach teams four services lines. a presentation on services that sf hot provides to people with physical mental health and cognitive disabilities on some of the issues and challenges. presentation by brenda. break. no. 8. information san francisco municipal transportation agency, muni, will give an update on a project called muni forward that includes services charges to limited lines, stops and signage. presentation by sean den key. public comment is welcome.
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agenda item no. 9. report from the director on the mayor's office of disability. agenda item 106789 public comment. items not on today's agenda, but within the jurisdiction of the mdc. each speaker is limited to 3 minutes. agenda item no. 11. correspondence. agenda item 12. discussion item. council member comments and announcements. agenda item 13. adjourn. thank you, at this time i would like to make a motion to amend the agenda. a break from after item no. 6, after ms. zarda's presentation. >> second. >> all in favor say, "aye". >> aye. >> any opposed? so changed. we will move on to
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item no. 3 public comment. items not on today's agenda. but within the jurisdiction of the mdc. each speaker is limited to 3 minutes. please be respectful to the presenters and please stay within the time limit of 3 minutes. we have speaker cards on the table and staff will get them to us and we will be able to hear everyone's public comment. thank you very much. >> our first public comment comes from foina hines. >> good afternoon. thank you. good afternoon, council members, can everybody hear me?
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>> yes, we can, thank you. okay, i'm here on behalf of independence living resource center, san francisco. sorry about that. to inform you that there is a hearing scheduled before the assembly judiciary committee for assembly bill 54, which is an ada notification bill along with some other ada notification bills. what ab 54 would essentially do, if a person with a disability were to file an access claim, you would have to give the business owner 90 days to comply with your claim and give explanations before you could actually take
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action and sue. and california foundation for independent living centers are strongly opposed to this bill and trieng to get as many people with disabilities organized to attend the hearing as possible. the hearing is this coming tuesday, april 21st, at 11 :00 a.m. at the state capitol. i'm not sure of the room yet. but if you are interested in attended, there will be buses leaving from hayward and you can rsvp to dolores at the -- tejada. thank you very much for your time.
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next i have mike coatus. >> thank you. i appreciate the opportunity to address this issue in front of you. >> speak into the mic. thank you. i'm here to alert you to a very high potentiality that assisted legal suicide will be legal in california. the bill has passed in the senate and health judiciary committee. despite the opposition of every major organization, the turnout to these hearings has been very disappointing. i have come here today to urge you as leaders of
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the disability rights committee to urge people that you work with and friends to participate in the next meeting. a date has not been set for the next hearing for the senate appropriations committee in sacramento. if it appropriation committee passes on sb 128 and will ge to the senate and a new round of meetings will be held. this is an aid on dying. this is assisted suicide or euthanasia. the term aid in dying is misleading because the person may have years or decades to live. if this is enacted, the major change is that other people will be able to encourage you to kill yourself or directly kill you in certain circumstances. it's do address
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the patient's death, not the patient. to be careful for elder abuse and the health care providers and suicide contention. there has been much concern about people suffering from unbearable pain should not consider to continue suffering. therefore the overwhelming majority of people who have gained the suicide medication stated the fear of dependency was their major concern. is as if dependency is undignified. we all know many people who felt this without feeling they are undignified. the proponents will end the requirement of the loved ones to maintain on medication. it allows patients to with hold from treatment. i encourage everyone to gain access to
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alert against 1,000 at google for further information you can contact myself. i have here a handout for the council and for the council staff. thank you. >> thank you. >> crista tog man? >> hello, my name is crista chart man. i talk fast so i will try to speak a little slower. i wanted to take this opportunity to come and talk on behalf of my friend anna who lives with a traumatic brain injury. i met anna at the park about a year ago an we became friends. we visit quite often. it's
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very disheartening for me as a san francisco resident just to see the lack of accessibility for people with disabilities. i myself almost encountered death about 5-6 years ago and had to learn how to walk again. i may look like a normal person and not need a wheelchair and that stuff and it's unfortunate that people have to live that way, but in a very short time that i have experienced having to have limitations with walking and what not, i can see and feel how it must have felt to be with someone with a disability in accessing stores and stairs and what not. so, i personally find this topic to be very personal. and feel like an owe it to my
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community having experienced a disability for a very short time and lack of access and having their rights respected. thank you for your time. thank you, now we have anna arielis. >> a pleasure to be here today. i need more time to speak. my name is anna aerialis, i'm here to talk about, better? okay. i want to talk about keeping connected. i'm here today to speak about a local organization that maybe familiar to you called the living campaign. the executive director is joblin. the agency was created for
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dedicated to serve lives for people with disabilities invisible or visible such as myself. i have post traumatic stress disorder and tbi. and the aging in the community by providing access to san francisco connect program totally free. through this service has shared greater opportunity to travel the social web. it takes money. i would like to think the city of san francisco and the department of aging and adult services. we need more money to reach even more people. here is where public awareness is needed. please join us keeping connected today if you can. to find out
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more about this organization, go to www.san francisco healthy connector call 415-821-1003 extension one and speak to maria. we need commitment by our leaders. mayor lee and board of supervisors to continue offering this service. by the way, i have a wonderful announcement. i nominate maria job lynn to the awards and she won. i am so proud. i am just delighted. anyway, next wednesday, april 22nd, at 6:00 p.m., on kpix, channel 5, they
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will show the airing. i will also be included in the hearing because of my love for the kennedy. this is my love for the work for john f kennedy. this is a story about my brain injury and what the community living fund has done for me in the campaign. thank you. thank you, jackie glasson? >> good afternoon, members of the council and people in the mayor's office on disability. and carla, wherever you are, we have been working since 1998 since she was with the
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department of building inspection. and she dealt with disability issues and that was her narrow focus and she did that so well. a fun anecdote. we had a moeld envision and all of the community services would do was paint over it. it really made it really mad or gave it a spa day because it came back with a vengeance and then gave in newsom discovered moeld and came up with an ordinance to which the landlords could be held accountable and during that board of supervisors meeting i reminded then board of supervisors,
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newsom if he kept that appointment with he, i would have told him it was on the book. he doesn't blush, but he does sometimes. what i want to do is champion the crusade for the mayor's office on disability to have a department on disability so as the women's status on women to have a department. the advantage of having a department is that the mayor can't decide 1 day and decide he doesn't want you to exist anymore. it's at the pleasure of the mayor. also you can take modified complaints, have complaint numbers, have investigators, investigations, findings and penalties for not being in compliance with the law. so i would like to add my voice to the many saying that this is something that's
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needed. i have been saying that since december of 2004. i'm good. thank you. thank you, is there any other public comment? >> yes. >> come forward. >> hi, my name is keith dennis, a member of the naacp. i would like to thank the council members for acting so quickly. i stated there needed to be a ramp on divisadero street between the two hospitals and they produced a curb cut within 2 weeks. my friend
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drove me to take a look at the city and i was surprised. you guys should give me a warning when you are going to do a thing like that because man [ laughter ] i had -- was so shocked and surprise. god bless you on that one. i really appreciate it. another comment i have to ask is, i go into establishments and there is not any access for people with disabilities. i want to know, do you produce a form that i can give them and say, hey, you know, we can make things a little bit better here. we can move some things, make things a little bit wider. we don't have to have so much stuff. you know, usually when i go into an establishment, i may get upset
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and i may choose not to say nothing because i don't want to offend anybody, but if there was a letter or something that i can give to them, saying, identify -- i have a problem here, maybe we can rectify this situation. thank you very much and god bless you and god bless the city and county of san francisco. thank you very much, if you can stay until the break, perhaps a member of the staff can speak to you about that issue. >> okay, this ends the public comment portion. thank you to our speakers. i would like to move on to no. 4. information item. report from cochair supanich. >> okay, i have a brief report today but i have three small items i would like to discuss. first is i was
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approved as a member of the long-term care coordinating council. which means for the first time in memory, a member of the mayor's disability council will be on that council and the long-term care of adults with disabilities and older adults is vital to almost everyone. i'm looking forward to working hard there. the second item is i saw a really well written presentation on food insecurity. and seeing so many people with disabilities live at or below the poverty level, getting enough food to eat is an issue. i'm looking forward to having a presentation on this council in the future. stay posted. finally, i don't have specifics on this topic but i did see a presentation on trying to get the state assembly and senate to raise the ssi levels.
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and this is not a fluff issue. we are talking about people who are not getting enough to eat, who are not able to afford to stay indoors, to have a place indoors. who can't afford to get their medicine because they are living on less than $1,000 a month, sometimes much less. so i just wanted us all to keep a lookout for ways that we can help. one way we can help is to call senior disability action. they are very much an activist as the organization for people with disabilities. i don't have that number off the top of my head, but, maybe i will find it in my phone and make an announcement later in the meeting. >> congratulations and thank you, cochair, supanich. okay. i'm sorry, it's me again.
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we are back now with that contact information. i guess there is going to be a march rally and meeting with legislators on wednesday may 20, 2015. it will be the 12th annual disability capitol action day at the state capitol in sacramento. rides from san francisco to sacramento from the san francisco library in the asian art museum. returning about 5:00 p.m.. call 415-546-1333. or e-mail ligia @sv
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once again the phone number is 415-546-1333. you need to sign up as soon as possible for a spot in a bus or wheelchair accessible van and lunch. the whole day is free. thank you, carla. through the chair, i handed you that flyer, cochair because you mentioned the issue about ssi and increases because that is one of the items that some of the disability advocates are hoping to address when they meet with legislators and also just wanted to clarify that there are other disability advocacy groups involved in this activity and jessie lorenz from the independent living resource center, san francisco, could also provide some additional information about that effort they are making for the disability at the can't --
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capitol that day. we will now proceed to information item no. 5. an overview of the mayor's office of housing opportunity partnerships and engagement, hope. presentation on the role of hope, it's services, programs and projects, including the new navigation center. presentation by bev an dufty director, thank you for being here before the council. >> i guess about a year 1/2 ago i was here before the council as well so it's a real privilege to come back and speak again. i very much appreciate partnering with the mayor's office on disability. the mayor's office of housing opportunity, hope is a serves